If you've ever tried to execute a plan, you've probably asked yourself:                                       

"To stop asking and start answering, your journey starts here."   

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"A God Send; I enjoyed Lemonade to Gold so much that I recommended it to the entire staff.  I found it to be very helpful not only at work, but at home as well.  This book was a true God Send!  Just what I needed, at just the right time."   Sandy

"I love how Judy puts the book of our lives into prospective to help us succeed if we use the information."  JTB

"I learn something new each time I read Lemonade to Gold."  Susan 

"Anyone looking for an inspirational guide to help them move from a 'daydream' to action will find this book extremely helpful.   This book reveals actual stories of others taking the risk, which will inspire and calm fears."  Shelly  


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        Paperback Book
        176 pages 
        5 x 7

        Price $11.99


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        Hardback Book
        176 pages 
        5 x 7
        Price 16.99




In Judy Risner's educational and inspirational guide to achieving success, Lemonade to Gold:  Turning Your Dreams into Reality, you'll find that you really can accomplish anything you want as long as you follow your passion, are willing to work hard, and pray for guidance.

By following three main concepts:  goal setting, problem solving, and decision making, Judy was able to start her own consulting business and help others discover their own path.

“Lemonade to Gold offers every reader clear, simple, and effective ways to understand and incorporate the powerful tools of goal attainment, decision making, and problem solving. Whether your aim is to strategically plan for business success or enrich your personal life, Judy’s insight, instruction, and words of wisdom will be a  comfortable companion wherever you are on that journey.”   Vicki C. Sanco, Principal, Journey Management Group

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